Oh the holidays, how we love the. A chance of snow, a crackling fire in the hearth, corks popping off bottles… all things that we enjoy to get us in the holiday spirit and simultaneously ensures our job security. But alas, with all the family and friends coming and going, the demands on our time in the kitchen to produce end-of-year worthy dishes increases. Which leads me to potent but time reducing recipes such as my Nutella Mousse.


I always promote healthy living and recipes for my fellow firefighting brothers and sisters, but come on people, it’s the holidays so indulge. This is a decadent but light dessert that requires maybe 10 minutes of active prep as there is NO cooking, I mean it’s mousse. The espresso accentuates the chocolate flavor (something to note for your future recipes) but it’s not overwhelming. It allows the kids of the firehouse to play with a heavy rescue style tool and you can make it well ahead of its intended serving time. But perhaps most importantly, it has Nutella.




Heavy Cream (2 Cups)

Nutella (½-⅔ Cup)

Vanilla (1 tsp.)

Espresso or Finely Ground Coffee (¼ tsp.)

Salt (¼ tsp.)




Whipped Cream (1 Cup, home made preferred)

Toasted Nuts (¼ Cup chopped or Tbsp. powdered)




Stand Mixer with Whisk Attachment

Re-sealable Container (if needed)




In the bowl of the stand mixer with the whisk attachment on, place the heavy cream and espresso powder in and stir briefly to combine. Let the coffee steep for 5 minutes. Add the Nutella, vanilla and salt. Then using the mixer on its slowest setting, begin whipping the mousse. Begin slowly at first then gradually pick up speed until the mouse holds a soft peak when the whisk is removed. Depending ion the temp in your kitchen it can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes. Place the mousse in a re-sealable container or in individual serving vessels and store in the refrigerator for a minimum of 2 hours or up to over night. When ready to assemble, add some of whipped cream and top with toasted nuts. Enjoy.


A few after the fire critiques: Chilling the stand mixer bowl in the freezer for a few minutes before mixing aids in building the mousse. I added a layer of Nutella to my cups for some extra flavor and fun when scooping to the bottom. I just warmed the Nutella in the microwave till it was spreadable and spooned/poured it in. Remember though, a little goes a long way. Consider berries, other toasted nuts or coconut and/or a sprinkling of coco or cayenne powder on top as alternatives to the pistachio. Above all, have a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!