Nov 10, 2013

Overnight Steel Cut Oatmeal

This is so easy, maybe even too easy. Simple ingredients, one pot, a few minutes of active cook time (really, 4-5 minutes, maybe) and you go to bed. Wake up the next morning at your leisure and warm up the pot, done. If you can boil water and place a lid on a pot, this is in your wheelhouse. And what is produced is so good that 12-year-old boys will eat it (the ultimate firefighter taste test focus group). People, I give you overnight steel cut oatmeal like you’ve never had it, this is good.

When oatmeal comes to mind, thoughts of rolled, soggy oats that taste as well as it sounds filter into one’s mind. Over filled with expired cinnamon, dried out brown sugar, and fake butter is the norm for the fire service (sad but true). I wanted to provide a tasty, healthy alternative and prove that oats can have a place in the firehouse breakfast pantheon (pancakes, scrambled eggs, grits, toast, sausage, and bacon).

Know I have a soft spot for oatmeal for all the Quaker microwavable packets I ate as a youth on the go to school. But there is just something magical about steel cut oats (AKA: Irish/Scottish/Pinhead Oats). They retain some much-needed texture that makes one think of Irish/Scottish style porridge or Italian risotto. Nutty and chewy, they provide a great vehicle to top with a plethora of fresh or dried ingredients. Indulge.

Steel Cut Oatmeal vs. Quinoa (right)
A few after the fire critiques: I removed ¼ of the oatmeal and added quinoa (as seen in the pictures) and it was fantastic. This can easily be made the same morning, and there is many a recipe for that on the internet, (expect 30-40 minutes) with the same ingredients. FYI, doubling the recipe made enough for 10 people (probably 7-8 FFs) with some sides (eggs, toast, fresh fruit).  This was too easy, and may not challenge enough those wanting to make a mess in the morning, in hopes of making the crew do a lot of dishes.

Simply ingredients

Water (3 cups)
Steel Cut Oatmeal (1 cup)
Buttermilk (½ cup + 1-2 Tbsp.)
Milk (½ cup)
Unsalted Butter (1 Tbsp.)
Sugar (1 Tbsp.)
Salt (½-1 tsp.)


Dutch Oven or similar
Spoon, spatula or similar


Buttermilk adds the tang...
Place the Dutch oven over medium heat and add the butter. Melt then lightly brown the butter. Place the oatmeal in and toast till a nutty aroma hits the nostrils, 1-2 minutes. Remove with a spoon and reserve. Add the water, milk, buttermilk, and salt and bring to a boil. Add the oatmeal, stir once and lower to a low boil for 1 minute. Remove from heat, cover with lid and go to sleep.

In the morning, return the Dutch oven to low-medium heat till warmed throughout. Add the sugar and enough liquid (water/milk) to reach your desired consistency. Provide a buffet style offering of toppings from fresh/dried fruit, nuts, granola, sugar in any form (maple syrup, agave, turbinado, etc.), peanut/almond butter (it’s kinda cool), etc.

Lightly browned butter
add the (Trader Joe recommended) Steel Cut Oatmeal
Toasted steel cut oatmeal
Last to add, salt, to the water, buttermilk, and milk
Lightly boil (it has milk so watch it doesn't boil over!)
60 seconds, really, that's it
Boil for 1 minute
Remove from heat and cover with a lid. Go to sleep.
This is what will await you...
Gently heat it through and set up the buffet bar of goodness
Ready to serve, indulge.


  1. Hello! It's going to be a chilly week here and I want to give this recipe a go. Do you leave it out on the counter overnight or referigerate it overnight? Thanks :)

  2. Megan, leave it on the stovetop, counter, or wherever you'd like. Just leave the lid on and go to sleep rest assured your oats will be waiting for you in the morning. Wake up and heat up them up. So simple. Let me know how they turn out.



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