Jul 16, 2012

Peach Cobbler

Stone fruits make their debut in the summer and here in Georgia, they couldn't come soon enough. Here in the Peach State, they are fashioned into many a delicious concoction, from pies to tarts, highlighting their natural sweetness, but nothing sings to me like the cobbler.

Relying on noting but the fruit’s naturally sweet, juicy goodness, the peach is the backbone of this dessert. In fact, all the other ingredients are all staple items, which makes for an inexpensive delight. The cobbler though, calls my name because of the buttery topping. Oatmeal, nuts and other crunchy ingredients are often added to provide that texture needed to balance all that smooth, luscious fruit. But I turn to a not so often used ingredient to do the trick, Panko Bread Crumbs. They hold up rather well to all the moisture, retaining their structure and giving the dessert that much needed crunch. Trust me...

Being a home grown Californian, taking on the famed Peach in the state that made it famous may be a fool’s errand but I am not scared (the crew will eat it none the less). But I believe I’m not setting and you up for failure. I mean, how can you fail with a fruit that makes you want to sing? 

Peach Cobbler - Georgia's crowning jewel, is universally loved for it's tart skin and sweet, juicy flesh. Thinking of a way to capture that and deliver it in a compact, inexpensive way to the local firehouse brought me to the cobbler. In this episode we discuss crumbs, flying debris and gummy bears. Stay Hungry, My Friends!

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Peaches (Cubed, 4-5 or 1 per person)
AP Flour (½ cup)
Panko Breadcrumbs (½ cup or more...)
Unsalted Butter (Cold and Cubed, 3 Tbs.)
Corn Starch (3 Tbs.)
Lemon Juice (1 Tbs.)
Cinnamon (1 tsp.)
Sugar (3 Tbs.)
Vanilla (1 tsp)
Salt (pinch)


Ramekins (4-5 or 1 per person)
*Alternately, 9” x 9” baking dish will work
Bowls (various)


Pre-heat oven to 350°F. Place the peaches, sugar (1 Tbs.), corn starch (1 Tbs.), lemon juice and vanilla into a bowl and mix to combine. In the other bowl, add the flour, remaining corn starch, remaining sugar, Panko breadcrumbs, cinnamon, salt and butter and using hands, mix till the ingredients resemble wet sand. Place the peaches equally into the ramekins and then top with the crumble (generously!). Bake in the oven for 25 minutes until the fruit is bubbling and the crumble is slightly browned. Allow to cool, 10-15 minutes, then top with a scoop of vanilla. Indulge!

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  1. RYAN! That was a stroke of genius using panko bread crumbs in the topping for the peach cobbler! The crunch factor was off the chain! While it still had the warm "grandma" feel with the peaches underneath, thank you for updating this classic and something I'm definitely sharing with my mom!


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