Jan 1, 2012

Hungry for 2012!

I'm hungry for 2012 as the FHC roars into its second season! Looking forward to spreading the knowledge, teaching you more Fire House techniques but most importantly, meeting more of y'all. I have many things planned for the year but as always, prefer you to become active and keep the conversation open by reaching out to me (there are many of ways to do this) and letting me know what's up at your Fire House or kitchen, what fuel (food) you want to have broken down, or just share stories. I love it all and it keeps me motivated for more.

Though it is impractical to film an episode at the Fire House, I hope to share more about life there and what it is that we do to help educate and enlighten those who are not indoctrinated into the lifestyle of a Firefighter. Even better, for those of you who live in the metro Atlanta area, my Fire House will potentially be hosting a first ever Pancake Breakfast. This will be a great opportunity to come visit, donate money to a worthy cause, and eat some of my food firsthand. So look for more in 2012, and as always, stay hungry, my friends!

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