Jan 11, 2012

Back in California

Just landed today back in Orange County, Ca., to vist with family and to prep for the Tasty Awards, which are tomorrow night. First things first, gotta dip my toes in the Pacific Ocean and surf in San Clemente (most likely Lowers) then jet off to the LA Clipper v. Miami Heat game tonight at Staples with  Pops. What a way to start!

Meanwhile, the Tasties will take place at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and I will have the good fortune of taking two bodacious dates with me, my Aunt and Mom (I'll be the ugly one in the middle). We'll get the opportunity to visit Hollywood, a place I haven't visited in years, and enjoy a nice lunch before the event. The Tasties will include a walk down a red carpet, the event itself, then an after party (where we'll get to taste all the delectable offerings). It truly should be a memorable night and I'll hope to tweet you all throughout the event, so if you don't yet follow me on Twitter, now's the time.

P.S. If there's someone attending the awards show you want me to corner and pepper with questions (except Robert Irvine as I don't think he'll let me), let me know via Twitter.

As always, stay hungry my friends!

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