Mar 22, 2011


Had it suggested to start tweeting what I make at the Firehouse to give y'all an idea of what can be made with limited time and unfavorable working conditions. I am being overly dramatic of course, but I thought it was a good idea to demonstrate that we Fire Fighters eat well, healthily, and usually not the same old thing. You can follow me on Twitter @TheFireChef or by hitting the Twitter link on this page. Follow me and let me know what you think...

Mar 13, 2011

Promotions wait for no one

I wanted to let y'all know that more episodes are on the way but also I'm trying to get myself promoted in the Fire Department at the same time, so I am running a little off schedule. That being said, I appreciate all the comments, e-mails and support (most importantly, I love all the 5 Star review on iTunes!). Keep them coming!
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