Dec 8, 2011

Tis the Season to Season

Quick update on the happiest time of the year. I have been busy with the family (as I hope you have) but still have a few episodes in the works for the Holiday's. A new one will be released this Saturday (think desserts) and I am currently filming one for Christmas (specifically Christmas morning). I feel that the food that is eaten for Christmas morning while the presents are being opened, hot chocolate is being slurped, or a long shift at the Fire House is being prepared for, sets up the rest of the jolly day. So in an effort to ensure that everyone is fat and happy after the Christmas morning ritual, I will be sharing one of my most popular breakfast recipes for the special occasion. It can be made simply or with decadence, cheaply or lavishly, whichever direction you want to take it for the family and friends you surround yourself with on Christmas morning. Until then, stay hungry!

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